It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

Are you having a rough week? Do you feel like this week is never going to end? Well, no worries, as experts of synchronized clock systems and because of our zone clock capabilities, Sapling can promise you that it’s 5 o’clock somewhere and the weekend will be here soon enough!

A Sapling zone clock is a device that displays time in your current location as well as in multiple locations around the globe. Implementing a zone clock can benefit a wide variety of facilities, one example is the transportation industry. This industry has many facilities including airports, train stations and even bus stations where a zone clock can be beneficial. In these instances, a zone clock could help travelers when they arrive at their final destination by displaying the time in their current location as well as the time in another location where their friends, family and colleagues are located.

Along with that, a zone clock can assist in a news station. With news breaking all over the world, it’s beneficial for station managers to know the time in their location as well as in the location(s) of their overseas correspondents. The zone clock helps station managers break news as it’s happening without interruption and allows for more seamless reporting from anywhere in the world.

A third industry that a zone clock can be beneficial to is in the corporate world. As you know, business is no longer conducted locally, it’s now conducted globally. By installing a zone clock, employees are aware of an international company’s timeline, where they are in their workday – morning, afternoon and night – and the proper time to communicate with them to conduct the best possible business.

Sapling’s zone clock is a great addition to any type of facility. To find out more about our zone clock, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!