IP Clocks – What They Mean to Your Facility

Most people don’t realize how important the little things are in a facility. A variety of everyday items such as computers, projectors and intercom systems keep things running normally throughout the day. Another item that often gets overlooked is the clock system. Having clocks that are not on time in your facility can cause disorder and create an unorganized atmosphere. IP Clocks are some of the most innovative and accurate time devices available in the market today.

IP clocks are a newer technology and are becoming an increasingly popular choice for facilities. These clocks are capable of much more than just showing the time. IP clocks have a variety of different features that can be extremely helpful in day-to-day operations.

One of the main benefits is having accurate time to all of the clocks. Everyone knows the main purpose of any clock is to tell time. The IP clock receives its time from any NTP server available. NTP servers send out extremely accurate time to other devices capable of receiving the NTP time, such as IP clocks. With facilities worrying more and more about efficiency and reliability, IP clocks are an optimal choice for keeping your facility running effectively.

Another helpful benefit that certain IP clocks have is a built-in web interface. Each clock can be accessed individually for configuring settings. For instance, if you wanted to have certain clocks in your facility show the time in a different time zone, that can be set right from the web interface. Or perhaps you want a few clocks to be a little faster than the rest or the brightness to be a little higher or lower. All of this can be done right from the clock’s web interface. Pretty neat, huh?

Monitoring your entire clock system is another feature that certain IP clock manufacturers have. For instance, Sapling has an IP Monitor software that allows you to see the status of all of the clocks in your facility in one glance. This provides a facility manager a snapshot view to ensure that all the clocks are running at all times. The IP Monitor can also allow you to send specific settings to your entire clock system in just one click, instead of going to each individual clock to set their configuration.
One feature that Sapling IP clocks have that other manufacturers don’t is the ability to dim the digital IP clock displays at different times of the day.

With Sapling’s IP clocks, any clock can have the brightness adjusted at any point in the day. By reducing the brightness at different times of the day, the facility can save some money on the electric bill since the clock won’t be drawing as much power. This feature can be set to increase or decrease brightness at any point during the day or night, ensuring that it’ll fit with whatever application it’s placed in.

As you can see from the aforementioned reasons above, IP clocks offer much more than just telling the time. There are a variety of options available, especially with Sapling IP clocks, to make your facility run even smoother. With the many features that IP clocks provide, it’s no wonder why the demand for them is increasing so rapidly.