IP Clocks Do More than Just Tell Time

Although there are many alternatives available, some facilities are still using battery-powered, individual wall clocks. While it may not seem necessary to change a facility’s entire clock system, many of the features of Sapling’s IP clocks may make you reconsider. The obvious benefit of making this switch is the convenience of having synchronized, accurate time throughout your entire facility. However, our IP clock system does more than just tell time. Below are 5 of the unique features that differentiate our IP clocks from the typical wall clock.

1. Send the Message

With Sapling IP digital clocks, facilities will have use of a text display feature. With this aspect of the system, the digital clocks not only display precise, synchronized time, they can also be used to display text. This is especially useful in an emergency, during which the digital IP clocks can display emergency warnings such as “Fire” and “911.” This message display feature will ensure that everyone in your facility is safe and informed about any situation that may arise. Additionally, IP digital clocks come with the option to display alternating date and time.

2. Count Down or Up

Knowing the specific time is not always enough. Sometimes, it is important to know how much time has passed or how much time is remaining. In these instances, Sapling’s elapsed timer feature is extremely helpful. With the flip of a switch, a particular digital clock can be controlled to start counting down or counting up, depending on your needs and preferences. This is especially helpful in emergency “code blue” situations in hospitals, or in routine procedures, such as standardized testing in schools. Either way, facilities that make use of Sapling IP digital clocks with an elapsed timer feature can ensure accurate, precise records.

3. Tell International Time

Our world is become increasingly globalized, which means that individuals from different countries are constantly in communication with one another. For businesses, military bases, transportation facilities, and any other industry that has contact with international clients, Sapling IP clocks are a must-have. Our clocks have time zone capabilities that allow individual clocks in a facility to be set to separate time zones. Because each IP clock can be programmed individually, the facility manager can choose specific clocks to be programmed in accordance with different time zones. Whether your client is in Beijing, Paris, or California, you can be certain that you will never call at an inappropriate time. Additionally, travelers will have a much easier time determining flight departures and arrivals with the use of zone clocks.

4. Give the Wrong Time – On Purpose

What’s this? Synchronized clocks telling the wrong time? Well… kind of. With the bias seconds feature, your IP Clocks can be set so that they are still receiving the accurate time from an input source, but display a few minutes fast or slow, depending on your preferred settings. This can be helpful in a number of applications, such as a large school district that dismisses all of its students at the same time. Setting a few of the schools ahead by a few minutes can greatly reduce traffic congestion and other issues that may have occurred otherwise.

5. Send Reminders

As mentioned previously, it can be challenging to keep up with all of the clocks if you are the manager of a large facility. Constantly having to check around the building for delayed or stalled clocks can detract time from the numerous other responsibilities that a facility manager faces. With Sapling IP Clocks, this problem is eliminated. Using the IP Web Monitor Software, the facility manager can see the status of every clock in the facility at a glance. Even if a facility manager doesn’t have the time to check the clocks via the software, the software will send updated to a specified e-mail address in the event that there is a clock malfunction. Additionally, the software will use this e-mail address to send countdown information.

As you can see, installing a Sapling IP Clock System is not simply an investment in accurate, synchronized time, but rather an investment in an orderly, informative, and conveniently-run facility. After making the switch from run-of-the-mill wall clocks to a Sapling IP Clock System, you will begin to wonder how your facility ever got along without the numerous features and ease of use it provides.