IP Clock Systems – X-Factors for Resort Owners

Hotel resorts have it hard in this day and age. With the emergence of so many different hotel resorts and other tourist attractions being built year after year, it’s difficult for a consumer to stay loyal to a particular brand. The reason for this is because, other than the fact that consumers have so many different options to choose from, there is generally not much differentiation between hotel resorts and a typical tourist. What many hotel resorts don’t place a ton of emphasis on is providing a high quality synchronized clock system for their patrons’ stay. Failure to possess a clock system that displays the uniform time throughout a hotel is a primary cause for visitors being late and missing out on excursions, dinner reservations and having an overall mediocre-at-best experience during their stay. Mediocre-at-best is not going to lead to an overwhelming amount of second visits, that’s for sure. An IP clock system is just the product to help avoid hotel resorts from being labeled as “mediocre-at-best.” This technologically advanced device is unlike any other clock system and provides benefits that should not go ignored.

An IP clock system synchronizes the time of all secondary clocks (the clocks that viewed by people passing by) in a considerably different way than an ordinary clock system. Instead of relying on accuracy through the use of repeaters or a master clock, the IP clock system transmits data from the master clock to its secondary clocks through PoE or Power over Ethernet. Along with that, each secondary clock in an IP clock system comes with its own IP address, much like one that would come with a computer that’s looking for Internet connection and each clock has the ability to be monitored and controlled through a web interface. The owner simply establishes the time that is wished to be displayed on each secondary clock through the web interface and the data is instantaneously transmitted. The owner can keep track of each secondary clock’s status by monitoring the system through the web interface.

In the rare event that any problem is to occur, such as a battery almost being fully depleted, connection issues, etc., the owner will be able to easily find out and act accordingly in a prompt manner. This allows any problems in the system to be adjusted before employees or patrons experience any negative effects. All secondary clocks are accounted for, so the owner has total control over the clock system and can ensure that it only helps the organization, not hurt it.

Although having superior time-management for employees and patrons is not exactly the flashiest quality a hotel resort can differentiate itself from competitors with, it can do wonders for a hotel resort’s reputation. Visitors will feel more organized during their stay; they will experience the best service from the hotel’s employees, who will be as productive as possible due to the IP clock system giving them the ability to manage their time efficiently and the likelihood of second a second visit has the ability to grow. Obviously, clock system quality is not the sexiest attribute but hotel resorts will have to make sure that their facilities provide an aura of tranquility for their guests just like any resort, but the implementation of an IP clock system can be the X-factor that differentiates themselves from decent to superior.