Invite Sapling Clocks on your Summer Vacation!

It’s finally that time of the year! The sun is shining brightly, children are out of school, our heavy insulated coats are packed in storage and people are starting to flock to the warm, sandy beaches! That can only mean one thing: summer time is here! It’s an exciting time of year that allows friends and family members to begin to plan their summer vacations!

With the influx of travelers, transportation facilities must be on alert and ready for to handle the influx of all the traveling people. One way they can increase operational efficiency is by installing a Sapling wireless clock system, which benefits transportation facilities in many ways.

Enhancing Time Management Skills – A way to gain the maximum operating efficiency in the transportation industry is by enhancing time management skills of your employees. With every clock displaying the same time, a Sapling wireless clock system gives employees a tool to help build time management skills and hopefully improving timely operations and raising customer satisfaction by not having to wait hours to depart to their intended destination.

Reduce Costly Maintenance Fees – Transportation facilities can deal with thousands of people on a daily basis. Sometimes, travelers miss flights, buses, etc. and this makes way for heavily disgruntled customers who may take their next trip with another company. Wireless clocks can perform several tasks to improve operations. Sapling wireless clock systems automatically update to Daylight Saving Time, saving precious time and costly maintenance fees from someone having to manually change clocks throughout the facility.

Time Awareness for Patrons – Sapling wireless clock system provide unified time throughout a transportation facility. This is valuable due to people boarding at specific times. If clocks are off and time is miscommunicated, many missed departures could occur. Continuously, a patron who arrives early or late, can be thrown off their entire travel schedule. Proper notification will not alleviate all problems, but gain consideration of the traveler, knowing the organization is doing the best they can in sometimes uncontrollable situations. Sapling wireless clocks will be reliable, eliminating most, if not all of these problems.

These are just a few of the ways a Sapling wireless clock system can assist a transportation facility. Like Us on Facebook for the latest from Sapling!