International Daylight Savings Time – Why It’s Important to You

In an increasingly global economy, many companies are conducting business all around the world. In such a world, time is of the essence. Firms from different countries and time zones are constantly collaborating with each other to communicate and make business transactions at a time of day that is appropriate. This becomes increasingly difficult when you factor in whether a firm is located in an area that observes Daylight Saving Time (DST) and how they chose to implement DST.

DST is observed in approximately 70 countries worldwide and sometimes only in parts of a country. The general purpose of DST is to conserve energy by moving an hour of daylight from the morning to the evening, when electrical lighting would otherwise be used. Areas located closer to the equator, however, do not generally use DST. There is little change in daylight hours near the equator; therefore DST is not seen as necessary.

Many parts of the world are choosing to implement DST on different dates and times, while others do not take part. For this reason, clock systems everywhere are facing increasing complexity for determining accurate times in both local and faraway places.

If your business wants to compete in the global market, it is important to know when your clients are available to avoid contacting them at an inappropriate time. Calling a customer at the wrong time can appear unprofessional. If you do not know if and when DST takes place in a client’s location, an hour might make a serious difference between making a sale and losing it to a competitor.

The best way to ensure international business is being conducted at a suitable time is to keep accurate synchronized clocks at your business headquarters. Keep specific clocks set on times that reflect the locations of the international businesses you work with most. It is important to make sure these times always remain correct. Finding a solution that constantly updates your clocks, factors in time zones and observes international DST will eliminate scheduling problems in the future. If a stand-alone clock is used, you may find inaccuracies occur quite often.

If your company is looking for a solution to DST issues and time synchronization, consider a provider that specializes in synchronized clock systems. Clock system manufacturers like Sapling offer master clocks that have the capability to control Daylight Saving Time in virtually any country. Whatever your business needs may be, up-to-date time accuracy is extremely important.