How a Synchronized Hospital Clock can Help a Healthcare Facility

Like any industry out there, healthcare facilities need accurate time to function properly. Installing hospital clocks in these facilities is a given. Whether you are in the cafeteria, an emergency room or doctor’s office, clocks can usually be seen just about anywhere in a hospital. There are several reasons why having a hospital clock is best for healthcare providers that want to offer the best service to their patients. These are some of them below.

Department Times

Going from department to department in a hospital can be a nightmare when synchronized hospital clocks are not installed. A hospital clock system will ensure that all clocks throughout a building have the same accurate time. Without them, clocks will not match from cardiology to critical care to orthopedics. Often, all the various hospital departments work together to treat patients. Serious medical liability is at risk when times don’t match up between each other.

Employee Shifts

Hospital employees are many and they are constantly running to and fro, working long hours, and giving it all they got to keep patients alive and healthy. Because of the madness, having accurate hospital clocks is extremely valuable to healthcare. In order to properly keep track of shift changes, start times, end times, and breaks, reliable time sources are a necessity. A synchronized hospital clock will provide the facility just that. It will receive its time from a reliable source, such as an NTP server or GPS receiver and display that time for its viewers to see.


Considering the plethora of records that must be kept while providing healthcare, a uniform, timekeeping hospital clock on practically every wall of a facility is ideal. Doctors, nurses and even administrative staff must accurately time stamp documents when it comes to surgery times, punch clock times and administering things like medication. Without hospital clocks that stay synchronized throughout the building, many discrepancies can become an issue and confusion may occur.

When it comes down to it, synchronized time in a healthcare facility is essential. If your organization is looking for a reliable hospital clock system, Sapling offers wired, wireless and IP solutions that can fit your needs. When working in a “life or death” environment taking unnecessary risks is not an option. Taking adequate timekeeping precautions will reduce risk and liability in a facility. Feel free to contact Sapling directly via email or phone. For more information please click here.