How a Sapling IP Clock System Operates

In today’s culture, the only thing advancing quicker than technology is our society’s desire to understand and utilize that technology to produce the most efficient results for business’ and individuals’ alike. Constant advancement in technology is not only expected, it is required. Everyone is looking to foster it individually or within their company in order to achieve maximum operational efficiency. A quickly advancing industry is the synchronized clock system industry, maintaining IP clock systems as one of the industry’s highest achievements.

A Sapling IP clock system encompasses very sophisticated technology that can produce beneficiary results. Unique to the IP clock system as compared to other systems is that each clock runs on PoE, or Power over Ethernet, which means IP clock systems are able to receive power and data through an Ethernet cable. Continuously, each clock maintains the ability to receive its time from a (S)NTP (Network Time Protocol) time server, thus, a master clock is not necessary for making operations easier and cost effective.

Another benefit to implementing a Sapling IP clock system is the web interface feature. Individual clocks have it built in, along with its own personal IP address. This allows users to operate and adjust the settings of the clock(s) from anywhere. From the comfort of your home, possible abilities include choosing the time display (12 or 24 hour mode), the DST setting or what level of brightness the time is displayed in (digital clocks only).

Furthermore, the brightness settings feature can help companies become more energy efficient. For example, a school has its peak hours between 7 AM and 7 PM, a twelve hour time frame with a constant flow of teachers, students and staff. During peak hours, having the brightness on a higher setting is easier to view for everyone within the classrooms and hallway. In the evening, the clocks are not being viewed as much therefore the brightness level could be lowered. The brightness alteration allows for energy and money conservation, improving the environment and the school can spend money on other crucial operational elements.

Knowledge of the application of any technology, including Sapling IP clock systems, is extremely valuable for an organization. For companies wishing to succeed, installing a Sapling IP clock system should become an imperative action for all the benefits it provides. Sapling IP clock systems save money, help maintain environmentally friendly/sustainable business practices and raise productivity around the office with everyone operating on the exact same time. Technology has become highly developed in today’s culture; the more time and energy invested in its advancement by a company, the higher chance of success.

Check out a Sapling IP clock system to help advance your efforts today!