Hospital IP Clocks: Precision in Code Blue Situations

The activity in a hospital can often be fast-paced and unexpected, such as the many emergency situations that occur on a regular basis. To keep up with the level of urgency necessary in emergency situations, many hospitals have developed a code system to alert hospital personnel of changing circumstances. One code which you may have heard before is “code blue.” In a code blue situation, a patient requires immediate medical attention, typically due to respiratory or cardiac arrest. In this scenario, the hospital staff must waste no time in reaching the patient and performing life-saving medical procedures. When the code blue is initiated, swiftness and precision are vital.

Digital IP clocks can aid a hospital in increasing its level of precision in these situations. In order to determine how long a patient has been in respiratory or cardiac distress, many hospitals are employing digital IP clocks that are equipped with an elapsed time feature in the event of a code blue in their facility. This can be particularly helpful in determining what actions to take or treatments to implement.

Digital IP clocks are most appropriate for an emergency or operating room for several reasons. The bright, clear numerical display of a digital IP clock makes the time easy to see at a glance. In addition, a 6-digit digital clock allows for even greater precision when seconds matter. When a code blue announcement is made, medical staff can begin the elapsed time of the IP clock through the use of the control box. The elapsed timer can then be stopped and re-started as necessary. Additionally, a digital IP clock will ensure that there are no discrepancies when recording start and stop times of a code blue situation.

As is the nature of hospitals, many lives are on the line every day in these facilities. This high-stress atmosphere often requires quick action and thinking on the part of the hospital staff. When code blue is called over the hospital loudspeaker, there is a very short amount of time for staff to get in and resuscitate a patient. Digital IP clocks are the best choice in the case of a code blue situation because they allow staff to give their full attention to the patient, without having to think twice about the time.