Hospital Clocks Controlling Code Blue Situations

As most of us know, emergency situations are virtually an everyday occurrence in healthcare institutions. Unfortunately, these unexpected situations often arise in the form of complications for both sound and at-risk patients. “Code Blue” situations, for instance, are unnerving experiences for doctors and patients alike. In the medical field, Code Blue refers to the cardiac arrest of a treated patient that requires resuscitation. This process must be performed immediately and with due diligence to ensure that all was done to attempt to save a patient from possible death or brain damage. For such emergency situations, most hospitals have several Codes in place to alert the appropriate staff in the event of a medical crisis.

While these emergencies can be both, medical and safety predicaments, timing can be of the utmost importance when offering treatment to a patient. Consider time during a Code Blue. Timing the duration of a cardiac arrest is extremely vital in determining what actions or measures need to be taken when treating the patient. For these occurrences, timers are extremely beneficial. Hospital facilities around the world are implementing digital clocks with countdown and count-up features for this very reason.

Installing hospital clocks is easy in any clinic or medical establishment. At Sapling, we recommend that healthcare facilities choose digital clocks for locations within an organization that are high emergency risk areas such as emergency rooms and operating rooms. Any area within a hospital that regularly experiences Code Blue is a prime location for a digital clock with timing capabilities. Sapling’s elapsed timer (Control Box) paired with a Sapling digital clock allows nurses, doctors and physicians to easily control the clock to switch between time display and countdowns or ups.

During emergencies, users may use the Control Box to begin the countdown or ups from both specified and non-specified times and restart when necessary. Between that and the clear display, determining the duration of various situations and, if necessary, the time of death of a patient is recorded accurately and without delay.

Healthcare facilities are faced with the pressures to perform precisely during emergencies every single day. With the use of Sapling’s product, some of the pressure can be alleviated knowing that timing is not an issue. The next time you hear “Attention: Code Blue!” announced in your facility, you are sure to benefit from what a Sapling digital clock with elapsed timer has to offer.