Holiday Blog: Corporate IP Clocks

The end of the year brings some big changes for many business. Around the holiday season, many companies hit their busy peak, particularly those that specialize in consumer goods. There is a general increase in work and deadlines, which can create a lot of pressure. Because of this, a company is under the pressure to perform more efficiently and on a tighter schedule than usual. Additionally, New Years encourages many companies to set new objectives for the upcoming year. In this blog, I will identify the ways in which synchronized IP clocks can help companies perform at their best and meet their goals.

With an increase in work, there also comes an increase in meetings and deadlines. Multiple meetings a day for many employees can make for a schedule that is difficult to track and adhere to. Particularly when employees have back to back meetings, it is important that these gatherings stick to the pre-arranged amount of time so as not to make employees late to other meetings or miss meetings entirely. Through the use of a synchronized IP clock system, every meeting room and office in the building will be receiving the same time. This eliminates discrepancies between the clocks which can result in scheduling conflicts. Do your meetings still have the tendency to get sidetracked? If your company opts for digital IP clocks, this system has a timer feature which can be set for a particular amount of time, and will count down accordingly, making sure that everyone knows exactly how much time is remaining before the meeting must adjourn.

At the end of the holidays is New Years, a time in which many people, business included, set goals for the upcoming year. This year, many businesses will be resolving to become more environmentally friendly by taking steps to “go green.” Not only is going green the responsible thing to do, it also helps to boost a company’s public image, and can often be economically beneficial as well. A synchronized IP clock system is the perfect tool to aid companies in achieving this goal. There are many small steps that can be taken to reduce the environmental footprint of your company, such as turning off lights or air conditioning when a room is not in use. However, with many employees coming and going throughout the day, these small tasks can often be overlooked. With the use of a synchronized clock system, many of the electronics throughout the facility can be consolidated with the clock system. With this feature, lights, air conditioners, printers, and even small electronics like the company coffee pot can be pre-set to turn off or on at a specific time. This way, they will never be running when not in use and will save a significant amount of electricity for the company.

The holiday season can be a hectic time for all, especially for many businesses. Through the use of a synchronized clock system, however, companies can function more efficiently. Additionally, IP clocks can help a company achieve its green initiative in the New Year. Employees will be more task-oriented and productive if they are not constantly wondering, “Is this meeting running late? Or is that clock 10 minutes fast?” or “Did I forget to turn off the coffee pot when I left the break room?” This holiday season give the gift of a synchronized IP clock system to your business!