Hey, IT Admins: Keep Your Facility on Time with IP Clocks

Being an IT Administrator for a company can be a stressful occupation. After all, you’re responsible for all of the computers, network hardware, servers, software and security for an entire corporation. It can be a taxing job, especially with how quickly technology advances and progresses in such a short period of time. One area of technology that has quickly taken the timing industry by storm is the introduction of IP clocks. The IP clock works integrally with your existing network and provides countless benefits for your facility.


Inserting IP clocks into your network is an easy task and not one that’ll keep you and your staff bogged down for days. IP clocks run off of the PoE (Power over Ethernet) protocol and connect directly to your PoE switches using the standard CAT5e cabling that is used throughout most facilities. Just plug the RJ45 jack right into the clock to power it and begin setup.


Think setting up IP clocks will be a headache? Think again. Every Sapling IP clock system comes with IP Monitor software that lets you set up the clocks from one central location. Configure your settings for one IP clock and distribute it throughout the entire facility with one click. The IP clocks receive the time from either an internal NTP server or from an external NTP server for time synchronization. Each Sapling IP clock also has DHCP and static IP capabilities, giving you complete control over the setup procedure. Additionally, each clock can be given a name such as “Library” or “Server Room” for added convenience.


Since the clocks utilize a wired Ethernet connection, you don’t have to worry about using WEP or WPA encryption like you would for a wireless network. All of the clocks can sit safely behind your firewall to prevent any outside tampering when using an internal NTP server. Each individual IP clock is also password protected so unauthorized personnel cannot access the clock without permission.


One of the largest benefits of having synchronized PoE clocks is that the maintenance is so easy. Once installed, the clocks pretty much take care of themselves. If you’re interested in checking on their status, the supplied IP Monitor software provides up-to-date information such as the last time the clocks synchronized, their IP address and the name of the clock.


The IP clocks feature an assortment of benefits to your facility. The clocks are capable of receiving time from any NTP server for an extremely accurate time source. In the event of a power failure, the clocks will reboot upon restoration of power and go directly to the correct time, saving you from having to reset each clock. When Daylight Saving Time occurs, the clocks automatically correct themselves to the proper time, so the facility doesn’t miss a beat. Other helpful features include adjustable brightness, scheduled dimming controls, server redundancy and many more.

With the busy life of an IT Administrator, IP clocks can really help a facility keep their daily operations on time without causing additional headaches. Their simplicity and ease of use make implementation effortless, but gives you the full control of the entire system to make changes when necessary. With Sapling’s IP clocks on your network, you’ll never have to worry about time changes, power failures or Daylight Saving Time ever again. For the time-consuming job of an IT admin, it’s good to have one less thing to worry about.