HERE’S THE SITUATION SERIES: School Districts Get in Sync with Advanced Timing Solutions

Many schools districts all over the country often struggle to manage their time. In large school districts, this can become even more difficult. Since schools within a district share many resources, timing is of the utmost importance. Busses, for instance, are shared between elementary schools, middle schools and high schools; all of which commence and terminate classes at a different time. Many K-12 schools offer late buses, plan various field trips and engage in non-home games for sports teams as well. This one resource alone requires the extensive planning and scheduling of bus activities.  The scheduled timing of these activities must be followed through district-wide. If any schools within the district fail to recognize accurate time, bus schedules could overlap and leave students, teachers and coaches without this important resource when necessary. When it comes to guaranteeing that all school functions have the resources they need, consider how many of these resources must be shared and require proper time management to do so.

If your school district is looking for a solution regarding time keeping, consider the specific issues it may be having and what system features could best resolve those problems.

The following example simulates how a school district can benefit from a synchronized timing solution.

Here’s the Situation:

–  A large, county-wide school district faces extreme disorganization and confusion regarding the scheduling and time management of many activities across all schools.

–  Bus drivers (who generally synchronize their buses’ clocks and wristwatch times with the bus garage) are departing either too early or too late for their routes.

–  Clocks displayed at the bus garages have been noted to display times that have drifted from the actual time the district is running on.

–  Because all current clock systems in each school are run individually, half day, early dismissal and 2-hour delay bell schedules do not match up with those in other schools within the district.

–  Clocks within the same buildings also drift from each other and are not tied into the bell systems.

–  When Daylight Saving Time (DST) begins and ends, many clocks do not adjust properly and cause more instances of drifting clocks.

This particular school district faces these constant challenges that hinder its ability to function properly. If these problems are not addressed, the district will continue to run inadequately and be unable to meet the needs of the school system.

The district has come to the conclusion that a new clock system should be administered county-wide. Members have agreed upon installing Sapling’s IP Clock System in order to effectively synchronize time across all schools and advance in the use of modern, cutting edge technology.

How Synchronized Time Allows the School District to Run Smoothly:

–  Because all schools use the same network, the IP Clock System by Sapling will be installed in elementary, middle and high schools within the county and will be able to interface with pre-existing network infrastructure.

–  Bus garage facilities also run on the same district network and installed Sapling’s IP clocks as well.

–  All of the clocks in every school and bus garage will synchronize to the same precise NTP time source, account for DST changes and remain up-to-date.

–  Various bell schedules can be programmed and tied into the clock system using features included in the installation of Sapling’s SMA Series Master Clock.

    Everything is A-OK with the use of The Sapling Company’s IP Clock System!

    By implementing an IP Clock System, the school district has significantly reduced issues it once had regarding time management. Sapling’s system allows district school buses to run on the same time as the schools themselves and ensures everyone gets to where they need to be on time. Clocks in every school display the same time and run the same bell schedules even in the event of early dismissals or late arrivals. These adjustments have improved the functionally of school activities. Additional features that the school district can now take advantage of include programming relays, countdowns and the ringing of bells. Handling the day-to-day scheduling of school activities has become effortless.

    No matter what the specific needs of your school district may be, Sapling offers a variety of advanced timing solutions that are sure to feature the abilities your organization is looking for.