HERE’S THE SITUATION: How Government Can Save Money Using Sapling’s Clock System

Due to the recent economical downturn in the U.S., federal and state funding has seen a sharp decrease in income from tax payers who now earn less than they used too. This has forced many government and state institutions to adhere to budget cuts and slash expenses in order to continue to function affordably. Many facilities that are government-run must consider new ways to save money that hasn’t been necessary before. A larger majority of decreased expenses come from reducing waste. Waste comes in many forms such as energy, resources and time.

Consider the effects of wasted time, for example. Time goes to waste when employees do not work while on the clock, are late to scheduled appointments, or cannot agree on the correct time. In such situations, choosing an appropriate clock system can reduce both wasted time and expenses. Often, different forms of waste can be interrelated. By finding an advanced solution to time waste, for instance, a facility can find added benefits that save energy and resources as well. This can go a long way over time and is an integral part of spending tax payers’ dollars wisely.
The following hypothetical circumstance models how simple it is for a government entity to reduce several expenses by solving time waste alone.

Here’s The Situation:

• A major city is renovating their large City Hall facility with a less than desirable budget.
• The building is extremely outdated and made of older construction materials.
• Services rendered within the building are untimely and inefficient.
• Many employees clock in, clock out or take breaks at different times due to the lack of time synchronization throughout the facility.
• Energy bills for the facility are high because lights and air conditioning often remain powered at all times.

When the administration of a state funded institution is held accountable for the use of American tax dollars, eliminating all forms of financial waste is crucial; making the preceding issues a cause of concern in today’s cost sensitive society.

City Hall officials have decided that installing a new, synchronized and accurate clock system is essential to the future functionality of City Hall services. Taking into consideration current budget and future expenses, the officials have agreed upon the implementation of a Sapling Wireless Clock System.

Sapling’s Solution for Cutting Renovation Expenses:

• Sapling’s Wireless Clocks will be installed to eliminate the need for costly wiring and FCC licensing.
• By both receiving a signal and retransmitting it to other secondary clocks, Sapling’s Wireless Clocks will run on a frequency that does not interfere with other frequencies and bypasses barriers of noise, distance or construction material.
• All clocks throughout the complex will receive uniform time and update frequently to avoid drifting away from the actual time.
• With the use of Sapling’s Master Clock relay features, the air conditioning system and lights dispersed throughout the building can be programmed to shut on or off at specified times.

No More Time Related Waste!

The effect of the above actions not only cuts cost, but improves the functionality of the City Hall. The organization can now run smoothly and effectively without the confusion of inaccurate clocks or the hassle of an expensive electric bill. Sapling’s Wireless Clocks saves the institution and the American people money by removing the cost of new wiring or FCC license renewals. Despite building construction materials, clocks can still receive a wireless signal and update accordingly. By establishing this new clock system, energy waste is also reduced by programming lights and air conditioning to shut off when the building is empty. Sapling’s innovative wireless system has proven to be cost effective and removes speculation as to how wisely the general public’s money is being spent.

Today, government expenses are constantly being scrutinized. If a government funded administration is looking to spend sensibly, consider how investing in an effective solution to organizational problems could potentially reduce waste. A Sapling solution to time waste for example, as explained in the previous paragraph, can offer solutions to energy and resource waste as well.

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