Healthcare Facility Expansions in Detroit

Detroit, Michigan – a city notorious for their impact in the automotive industry, and becoming increasingly popular in the health services sector, will be hosting a number of infrastructural changes in the near future. One of the nation’s larger urban medical centers, the Detroit Medical Center (DMC) has announced a five year plan to invest $500 million in the infrastructure of their three campuses following a buyout from Vanguard Health Systems. Other than bringing great opportunities to the employees, students, and patients that use the facilities at DMC, this expansion will bring a vast amount of businesses and employees to work in the creation of these projects.

The construction of healthcare facilities, however, will demand special attention from various systems integrators. The technology used within these facilities has advanced to a point where architects and engineers heading these projects must turn to dealers that provide only the most technologically advanced products. For example, the clock system that is chosen for a new healthcare facility must have the accuracy and hi-tech features necessary for employees to properly operate within the building.

As the DMC breaks ground on these new renovations in Detroit, the architects and engineers that assume the responsibility of creating these projects will look deeply into the systems they choose to implement. In choosing the clocks for these new buildings, research will show that the best option for the new healthcare facilities at DMC is installing a synchronized clock system. Hospital clocks require accurate time and functionality, which is why synchronized clocks are the ideal choice in a healthcare environment.

With the amount of expansion to come within the next five years at DMC, the opportunities for local businesses and healthcare personnel are almost endless. Additionally this expansion will continue to benefit the city as a whole well into the long run. However, to complete such an enormous project in a correct fashion, implementing the best systems and equipment to the new facilities at DMC is crucial, which is why engineers and architects must research and make the right decision when choosing their system providers.