Happy Thanksgiving!

Every fourth Thursday in the month of November, family and friends from all across the United States of America gather together around dining room tables, kitchen counters or in front of the television, in honor of the national holiday of Thanksgiving. This holiday celebrates people joining together to break bread with one another.

We continue this tradition today by breaking bread (and turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes, cranberry sauce, corn, peas, assortment of pies and dessert, etc.) on our own tables to honor this wonderful occasion. This, for some families, is the only time per year that they are able to see certain members of their family for one reason or another. It adds to the significance and value that we have in this great holiday.

A lot of thought and time go into this holiday every year! Some are working on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade (or any other local version of a Thanksgiving parade), planning out weeks in advance to get celebrities and special guests aboard giant floats or blowing up large inflatable balloons of beloved cartoon characters. Others concern themselves with tailgating and attending football games! Whether you are watching a National Football League game in Dallas or Detroit, or a local area high school rivalry be renewed on the gridiron, this home grown sport has become a Thanksgiving staple around the nation. Most, however, will be at home preparing different portions of a large meal for them and their families to enjoy together.

Another common thread all of these have in common is that television will be involved. Whether they are being broadcast like parades or football games or people are home watching those same events, intricate planning goes on behind the scenes to be able to bring these events into homes around the country.

Installing a Sapling synchronized clock system into any broadcast facility will greatly increase efficiency. Scheduling of meetings for pre-production helps ensure proper planning is taking place to operate a smooth broadcast. Also, exact time is needed to aid in the scheduling of the all-important commercial breaks, the way television stations make money.

There are so many integral duties that stations need synchronized time on, which sapling greatly provides, so the people celebrating Thanksgiving with their families at home will be highly entertained!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Sapling!