Happy National Clock Month

The month of October is National Clock Month and its one of our most favorite months here at The Sapling Company! The month is a time to celebrate clocks and to realize the impact that clocks have on our daily lives, which we can sometimes take for granted.

In honor of National Clock Month, we here at Sapling thought we would give you some great #TimeSavingTips so you will be able to find more time on your clock throughout the day!

Sapling Time Saving Tips:

  • If you have a doctors, dentist or any other type of appointment, make sure to bring something to do while you’re waiting.
  • Carpooling or taking public transportation to work will help beat traffic & also conserves our planet!
  • Leaving to and from work earlier will help you avoid rush hour, cutting down your daily commute time immensely.
  • Double your recipes, freeze for later. You’ll save time cooking an extra meal and you get 2nd meal for the same amount of effort.
  • Create and prioritize a task list each day, first thing in the morning. You’ll feel great when you’re crossing those completed items off the list!
  • Use the value of new technology, and use apps and mobile devices to find deal at your local store instead of clipping coupons.
  • Run to the grocery store or any other kinds of errands you need to at off peak hours. Doing them before work in the morning or later at night will help you avoid traffic on the streets and in the aisles.
  • Limit your television watching to just the programs you enjoy and stop wasting time flipping from channel to channel aimlessly.

Happy National Clock Month from The Sapling Company!