Get the Most from Your Master Clock

Large facilities such as hospitals or schools very commonly run off of one synchronized clock system. These sites most likely installed the system to gain the benefits of having a reliable time source. However, if systems are set up only to tell the time, facilities could be missing out on many helpful tasks a synchronized clock system can perform with the right equipment.

Hospitals may want their clock system to perform elapsed time for code blue situations.  Schools could benefit from a clock system that controls bells. Colleges would save time and maintenance costs if the hundreds of clocks on campus automatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time.  If a facility is looking to apply and use these potential abilities of a synchronized system to their site operations, the installation of a sophisticated master clock will accomplish this.

When an advanced master clock is paired with a synchronized clock system, the capabilities seem endless. The aforementioned benefits such as controlling bells, automatically adjusting for time changes and performing elapsed time are only a portion of the potential capabilities of an advanced master clock.  When the right master clock manufacturer is chosen, systems have the ability to receive their time from a GPS source, ensuring even more reliable time to the clocks. Certain master clocks, such as Sapling’s SMA 3000 even have ability to schedule up to 800 different events, whether it’s to send out a notification to the facility or to control power supply to the schools appliances.

Schools can especially benefit from the event capability of an advanced master clock. Not only will the faculty be able ring bells on schedule or notify the school of a fire drill, but will also be able to turn off lights or cut power to parts of the building when not in use. When hospitals implement the use of elapsed time capabilities, personnel will have the ability to alert the entire hospital of a patient going into cardiac arrest or other serious conditions.

Synchronized clock systems are always a reliable source for providing the time to facilities where accurate time is important. However, facilities that have implemented synchronized clocks on their site but have not made the next step in the addition of an advanced master clock with more capabilities are not maximizing their system’s potential. With the installation of a sophisticated master clock, hospitals, schoolsor colleges can retain the benefits of their clock system to the fullest.