Fire Safety With Sapling

A fire is one of the biggest hazards faced by schools across the country. There are various precautions that are taken by the school districts to prevent such a disaster from occurring. Fire safety programs are developed in order to prevent a fire from causing injury, death, or property damage. The safety of the schools’ students is always the top for the faculty and staff, so taking fire safety measures is something done by every school.

Fire safety measures can mean a number of different things. Some fire safety measures are taught to the students of the school through certain programs and drills undertaken periodically. Other fire safety measures are planned during the construction of the building, or are implemented into the school itself. Taking measures during the construction of the school is a great way to combat fire hazards before they are even prevalent, and one measure to take is to install a synchronized clock system from Sapling.

The Sapling Company manufactures synchronized clock systems that are seen in schools across the globe. Sapling’s synchronized clock systems run off a master clock that sends a signal to the surrounding clocks in the system. The surrounding clocks are updated at the top of every minute with accurate time. The ability of the master clock to communicate with the surrounding clocks makes it an essential tool in a fire hazard situation

A synchronized clock system will reflect the same, accurate time throughout the entire school. In every classroom, hallway, office, etc. there will be a unified time displayed. With a clock system from the Sapling Company, not only can the digitals clocks display the time, but they can display messages as well. If there were ever a fire in the school, the digital clocks within the system can display FirE as soon as the alarm sounds. This can be extremely beneficial to new students who may not be aware of the circumstances, or for those who are hearing impaired. The safety of the students in any school remain top priority. Installing a synchronized clock system from The Sapling Company, can help further progress their existing fire safety measures.

For any additional questions on The Sapling Company and how their synchronized time solutions can assist your school, please contact us!