Finish Your Countdown to Efficiency

One of our most unique products we offer here at Sapling is our Elapsed Timer. An Elapsed Timer is a device that allows our digital clocks (3200 or 3300 Series only) to alter from the time to a count up or countdown display. Utilizing this feature can assist many different organizations and companies successfully carry out a variety of tasks, no matter the industry they operate in. Its basic functions include: Count up, Count down, Start/Stop and Return to Time.

In an educational setting, Sapling’s Elapsed Timer can assist in monitoring students taking timed exams. There is plenty of stress on students to succeed as it is already; it is even tougher when you are looking around at the clock in the classroom trying to figure out how much time is remaining. An Elapsed Timer can help students focus on the exam with a large time remaining feature at the front of the room, rather than worry about the how much time is left.

Another industry that can benefit from a Sapling Elapsed Timer is healthcare. The doctors around the world could find themselves in a “Code Blue” situation, where a patient goes into a type of life-threatening situation. When the patient slips into cardiac arrest, for example, a doctor or nurse can hit the count up button. This changes the digital clock’s display to a count up display. This can help the doctors and nurses on staff know exactly how long their patient was in a cardiac arrest, or whatever the case may be.

In recreational centers, where organized games and tournaments take place, an Elapsed Timer can help keep track of playing time so all members get a chance to participate!

These are just a few of the many industries that can benefit from the addition of an Elapsed Timer. Check out our website for more information on how Sapling’s Elapsed Timer can assist your facility!