Elapsed Timers in Hospitals

In hospitals, the most common emergency situation is a “Code Blue.” This term refers to a patient that is undergoing cardiac or respiratory arrest and is in imminent danger. Nurses and doctors have mere seconds to revive the patient before permanent damage sets in, but how do they know how long a patient has been unconscious? Hospitals have procedures set in place to alert the appropriate staff to the crisis, but the timing of the situation is one of the most important elements that is often overlooked.

Sapling offers digital clock models that will initiate a count to provide hospital staff vital information. This count-up or count-down function can be activated with just the push of a button on the Elapsed Timer Control Panel, making sure the hospital staff no longer feel uncertain on how long a patient has been unconscious.

The Sapling 3300 Digital Clock model can interface with an Elapsed Timer Control Panel accessory as well as a hospital’s Nurse Call system via a contact closure. In the event of an emergency, the Nurse Call system immediately triggers the Elapsed Timer while simultaneously alerting hospital staff to the Code Blue. This provides staff with the exact time of the event without the need to physically press the button on the control panel.

As standard, the control panel comes with four backlit buttons: Count up, Start/Stop, Time, and Count Down. However, this can come with a single “Code Blue” button or two or three buttons to meet the needs of any hospital.

Don’t be held back any longer by lack of proper timekeeping – upgrade your hospital by implementing elapsed timers today.