Elapsed Timers for Hospital and School Clocks

In a rapidly evolving world, with new technology constantly emerging, it is imperative that schools, hospitals and other facilities remain as up to date as possible. One step that will help keep your facility from falling behind is the elapsed timer from Sapling for your digital clock. This simple device allows you to control the timing capabilities of one digital clock in your synchronized clock system. Both hospital clocks and school clocks can be programmed to either count up or count down so that all individuals present can complete the task at hand while keeping track of passing time.

There are a few specific situations where the elapsed timer is incredibly useful. The first application would be in hospital rooms during a code blue emergency. When a patient enters the room due to cardiac arrest, every moment is crucial and time must be monitored precisely. With an elapsed timer mounted on the wall, the digital hospital clock can be set to count up so that all medical staff can keep track of how long the patient has been in the room. Having the passing seconds clearly displayed allows the medical staff to react at the right moment in order to make necessary decisions regarding the patient.

Another ideal circumstance for the elapsed timer would be standardized testing situations. During timed tests, students must watch the clock, pace themselves appropriately, and keep track of the remaining time. With the count-down feature on the elapsed timer, the exact time allotted can be displayed initially and then programmed to count backwards. At any given time, students can glance up at the school clock and know immediately how much time remains. That way, no seconds are wasted and the test takers can make the most of their limited time for the best test outcome possible.

The situations where Sapling’s elapsed timer is most useful are during hospital emergencies and timed testing. However, the timer can also be used in more casual situations such as a New Year’s Eve gathering to add to the anticipation of the evening. Setting your digital clock to count down the last few minutes of the year brings everyone on the same page so that you can celebrate together at precisely the right moment. You can also program your clock to count down for birthdays to bring even more excitement to a special occasion.

Wherever you choose to use Sapling’s elapsed timer, you will be pleased with its simplicity of design and ease of functionality. The elapsed timer allows hospital clocks, school clocks, and even your digital clocks at home to either count up or count down, displaying hour and minutes or minute and seconds on four digit clocks and hour, minute and seconds on six digit clocks. The time can also be paused, resumed and reset. The options available with the elapsed timer make tracking time a breeze in any situation, bringing the possibility of accurate timing to its fullest potential.