Efficiency and Environmental Responsibility with Sapling’s IP Clock System

Whether you are trying to increase productivity in the workplace or decrease the environmental impact of your business, efficiency is always a beneficial attribute. Due to the available configurations with the IP clock system, Sapling can help to make many aspects of your facility more efficient.

One of the greatest benefits to using the Sapling IP System is control over efficiency. The user has complete control over the settings of the system within the facility. For example, the clocks can be set to correspond to school bells, door locks or light switches with the addition of a SMA 3000 master clock. Instead of manually turning off lights prior to closing, or locking each and every door in the facility, using Sapling’s IP clock system and SMA 3000 Master Clock permits the user to schedule these everyday functions to occur automatically. Not only does this time-saver allow employees to dedicate their time to other tasks, but it is also energy and cost efficient. Having lights or appliances automatically turn off at the same time every day eliminates the risk of leaving devices turned on and using unnecessary energy.

Another energy saving aspect of the Sapling IP clock system is the option to set the digital clocks to dim or off mode at the end of the day. Many other digital clocks offer only one level of brightness and are kept on at all times. With Sapling’s option to dim or turn off the digital display at a pre-determined time, energy is saved and costs are reduced. When the facility is reopened, the user may schedule the clocks to automatically return to the desired level of brightness, and therefore will not utilize superfluous electricity.

Whichever way you would like to increase efficiency in your facility, whether it’s with limiting energy usage, or better allocation of employee time, Sapling can help you reach that goal. Sapling is committed to providing quality products to our customers that will help them to run operations more effectively and more efficiently in every respect. After the user makes their desired configurations for each clock in the system or the entire system as a whole, they will start reaping the benefits of synchronized, network time that IP clocks offer.