Durability in Wireless Clocks: An Overlooked Quality

When people decide to make a purchase, it is usually thorough due diligence and investigation that leads to getting the best deal. Sometimes a decision is made based primarily on the price of a product. Walmart and Ikea, for example, are notorious for selling products at the lowest prices. It is easy to figure out the advantages of purchasing a product with a low price. However, what many people fail to consider is that priorities vary depending on certain products. Durability is an overlooked quality that can benefit an organization in many ways. Maintenance costs become reduced when a durable product is purchased and used. The repurchase of the product is another activity that is decreased. The Sapling Company places emphasis on this philosophy in the manufacturing of their wireless clocks.

The Maurice Jones-Drew of clocks, Sapling products have a reputation of being both long-lasting and reliable. The company differentiates itself from other organizations by having a quality that businesses frequently tend to forget about. Both large and small corporations in this day and age have grown accustomed to falling victim of looking at the big picture in a short-term view. Executives want their return on investment to be large and quickly noticeable. Maybe it’s because of the economy we live in or the way this generation depends on instant gratification, but long-term planning is a practice that is frequently preached and rarely practiced.

With 100% of its products manufactured in the United States, Sapling products are of the highest quality relative to the items offered at other corporations. All this being said brings the inevitable, which understandably rubs some top executives the wrong way initially; obtaining top quality products requires sometimes spending a little more than just the lowest price option. However, looking at the big picture, spending a little extra right out of the flood gates has the potential to save extraordinary amounts of money in the long haul. Specifically regarding the clock industry, lower quality products, while being less expensive to acquire, possess a high probability of maintenance costs and in the plenty. Sapling prides itself on knowing that once its products are sold, rarely any of the company’s reps hear back from their customers, unless they call to purchase more clocks. Sapling is also among few companies in its industry that possess both a cUL and UL certificate for their products. In layman’s terms, those two certificates are prestigious internationally sanctioned seals of approval that require the passing of intense inspections to ensure that the product is of the highest standard in terms of quality, relative to others of its kind. Often, other clock manufacturers will only get a UL (US seal — cUL includes Canada) certification on their clock’s power supply or some other accessory. On the other hand, when Sapling receives a UL certification, it is for the entire clock, not just one of its components.

The proof is in the pudding. Sapling wireless clocks have the track record and certifications that assure reliability to their prospective customers. Relative to the quality, durability, and long-term net savings that come with Sapling clocks, it doesn’t take much thought to see that spending a little more at the forefront can turn into a bargain down the road. With all that being said, and an empathically lower rate of being financially burdened by maintenance fees or suspect quality, it is safe to say that purchasing from Sapling is a fiscally responsible decision for all industries.