Double Mount Housing for Analog Synchronized Clocks

When I was first introduced to the phrase “double mount housing” I was unfamiliar with its meaning and unsure of its function. If you are looking for a synchronized clock system, you may have come across these terms and have had similar doubts. Take a look at some of these double mount housing basics for analog clocks to help answer your questions and to let you know what precisely Sapling offers.

What is a Double Mount Housing?

A clock with double mount housing is a clock that can be seen from two directions. It connects two opposing clock faces with a double mount base so that the time can be shown from two perspectives. You may have seen these clocks in hallways or large spaces such as transportation facilities.

What Double Mount Housing options does Sapling offer?

Sapling offers various options of double mount housing for analog synchronized clocks. We offer double mount housings for round analog clocks both 12 and 16 inches in diameter. These two models have three built-in adjustments to best accommodate the user. Whether the clock is hung vertically from the ceiling, or horizontally from the wall, the pole can be extended to three different lengths.

Where are clocks with Double Mount Housing used?

Analog clocks with double mount housings can be installed in a variety of settings where the time must be visible from both sides. Our clock pole can be attached to the ceiling or to the wall in interior intersections and hallways. Clocks with double mount housings are valuable editions to schools, hospitals, airports, office buildings, train stations, bus terminals and any other facility where double-sided time displays are needed.

How is Double Mount Housing set up?

After purchasing an analog clock system with double mount housing from Sapling, the installation is straightforward. Every clock will come with a double mount back cover which holds the opposing clocks together, as well as a pole, and the double mount pole’s base which can be attached to the ceiling or the wall. The double mount back cover is preassembled along with the pole and only requires the two clocks to be attached once delivered. This step is simple, since the clocks are designed to snap right into their base.

Imagine walking down the hallway of a school or hospital and only being able to see the clock from one side. What an inconvenience! This would require you to walk past or around the clock to read the time. If you’ve ever been late for a class, an appointment, a meeting, or a train, you know that a few seconds can make all the difference. A synchronized clock with double mount housing allows everyone to be able to see the exact same time from either direction as you pass. Sapling’s Double Mount Housings can help to make any space more organized and clear, so that you can make every moment count.