Design For Architects and Engineers: Sapling’s Master Clock System

When it comes to building projects, architects and engineers face many challenges as they design new facilities and remodel older ones to fit the needs of today’s various organizations. Some of the factors that come into play include appearance, metrics, sustainability, retrofitting and interfacing capability. At The Sapling Company, we design and produce our clock systems with such complex and intertwined factors in mind. Our versatile products help facilitate architect and engineers to create a system of collaborating infrastructure for their various building projects. Listed below are the capabilities of our synchronized master clock system that help contractors to do just that. The next time your firm needs to find a flexible option for system integration, remember the following product benefits.

1.) Retrofitting

For structures with already existing clock systems, Sapling master clocks can interface with other wired and/or wireless clock systems simultaneously. This is a great option for additions or remodels.

2.) Control Capabilities

When it comes to the installation of several different systems, such as air-conditioning, alarms or bells, the SMA 3000 master clock has four to eight auxiliary relays that allow these systems to be controlled by the master clock. With the additional use of Sapling’s Web Interface, the control of these relays and scheduling of up to 800 events becomes a simple reality.

3.) Metrics

Different organizations have used uniform time in different ways. For this reason, we offer both analog and digital clocks in multiple sizes to address diverse applications of visibility. In multifunctional facilities, digital and analog clocks may be used simultaneously on the same system. Whether you need large clocks for a gymnasium or smaller digital and analog hospital clocks to work side by side, Sapling has a solution that will work for you.

• Analog clocks come in both 12 and 16 inch diameter.
• Digital clocks come in 2.5 and 4 inch digit height.

4.) Appearance

Sapling’s newest line of clocks has a sleek look and feel. We’ve modified the housing/casing of our clocks to maintain a modern appeal as consumer tastes change. In addition, we offer various display options to satisfy different user preferences.

• Analog clocks come with 7 dial options; 12 hour, 24 hour and 5 custom designs.
• Digital Clocks may be purchased with either 4 or 6 digits depending on the desired use or the level of precision necessary (down-to-the-second time).

5.) Sustainability

Reducing waste from materials, energy and time is a cinch with the use of Sapling’s master clock.

• Scheduling features allow a facility to schedule interfaced applications such as lighting and heating, to shut on and off at desired times. This eliminates any waste of resources while an organization is shut down or closed for the night.

• If necessary, a wireless clock system may be installed when wiring infrastructure is not already available or the design of infrastructure renders wiring a difficult task. This reduces the use of materials and finances that may otherwise be used in excess.

• The accuracy and reliability of all clocks in an automated, synchronized clock system significantly eliminates erroneous issues that come from drifting clocks, inaccurately scheduled events and lateness.