Daylight Savings With Sapling

The idea for Daylight Saving Time first began with Benjamin Franklin. He is credited with conceiving Daylight Saving for the purpose of preserving energy. Although, it was not Franklin who first put his own idea into action. The emperor of Germany during World War 1, Kaiser Wilhelm II, first implemented Franklin’s idea of Daylight Saving Time. Wilhelm attempted to reduce artificial lighting, in order to ration coal for their war efforts.

Following the actions of Wilhelm, the British and the Americans also implemented the practice post WW1. However, Daylight Savings Time was seen as optional in the United States until the Second World War. During WWII, the United States attempted to save resources by making DST mandatory. This, however, only lasted a few years, and with the end of WWII came the end of a mandatory Daylight Saving system. Leaving the option among states to choose their involvement in DST left time discrepancies among travelers, postage, news publications, etc. For this reason, Nixon signed into law the Emergency Daylight Saving Time Energy Conservation Act of 1973.

Daylight Saving Time is fast approaching. This coming Sunday, November 3, 2013, a large majority of Americans clocks will be set back one hour, effectively ending Daylight Saving Time for 2013. This will give the hard working people of America an earlier sunrise and an extra hour of sleep. Both of which I’m sure are generally welcomed and appreciated.

Daylight Saving Time encourages a more active lifestyle, due to the addition of sunlight. This can be beneficial to those members of society, who must get up and go through yet another week of work. Those individuals working in larger facilities, know that every clock in their building must be updated to account for DST. This can be more than an inconvenience for your work place. With a synchronized time system from The Sapling Company, all of the clocks within the system will update automatically, saving you that extra hour for more important things, rather than updating all the clocks within a facility.

For any additional questions on how The Sapling Company can help with your DST transition, please contact us!