Daylight Saving Time 2011

Here we go again! Daylight Saving Time (DST) begins this year on Sunday, March 13th at 2AM. This is Sapling’s friendly reminder to remember to turn your clocks ahead one hour this coming Sunday. While most of us may find this act extremely tedious, remember that there is great reason for doing so. DST is not some hoax created by the government to torture the American people. It is recognized worldwide and has benefits to society that many value today, including sunlight hours at desired times and energy savings.

Since DST’s adoption in 1918, Americans have been shuffling to adjust clocks twice a year all over the country. While it remained optional for many years and only practiced by certain cities and states, DST is now acknowledged nationally with the exception of Hawaii and Arizona. It may seem like an inconvenience for EVERYONE to change their clocks nowadays, but DST is actually far more organized and simple today compared to the complexities that existed prior to the creation of the Emergency Daylight Saving Time Energy Conservation Act in 1974.

Imagine the difficulty that many businesses faced conducting their day-to-day operations across different time zones, states and cities that both did and did not practice DST and at different times. This made accurately recording time data, meeting deadlines and conducting business meetings at the appropriate time extremely difficult. Businesses also faced the challenge of manually adjusting each and every clock within the facility for the time change. And the bigger the facility, the more time was wasted.

Today, however, Daylight Saving is about as easy as it gets. Businesses located in virtually every part of the country are recognizing DST and adjusting their clocks at the same specified times. Confusion that occurs when business is conducted beyond a local level is eliminated when all parts of the country are running on the same DST. The frustration of correcting clocks has also been avoided by technological advances that allow computers, cell phones and digitally synchronized clocks, through the use of an NTP server or GPS, to automatically adjust as DST occurs.

Perhaps the most beneficial of the aforementioned DST advancements for businesses is the synchronized clock system. With a clock system from manufacturers such as Sapling, all clocks in a system can automatically adjust for daylight savings without human intervention. Sapling’s clock systems have programming capabilities that allow a user to specify the date and time of a future DST observance and therefore update automatically when that time comes. Sapling’s SMA Master Clock will take the adjusted time and immediately transmit the new time signal out to all subsequent clocks. The hassles, headaches and wasted time that it once took to correct clocks are no more.

With Sapling, Daylight Saving Time has never been easier. Rest assured knowing that your business is running on accurate time with the installation of a Sapling Wired, Wireless or IP Clock System. Forget spending time manually changing individual clocks. Come Monday morning, your time spent at work should be business as usual.