Corporate Productivity – How IP Clocks Can Help

Corporations are continuously striving to be the most productive and efficient organizations possible, particularly in these times of fierce competition and economic downturn. There are many strategies that can be used to achieve these goals. One of the simplest ways to get a leg up on the competition and to ensure that a company operates as smoothly as possible is to install a synchronized IP clock system in the facility.

One important factor to consider when installing a clock system into a company building is room for expansion if necessary. If a company grows and decides to add supplementary buildings to their company campus, certain clock systems will be an unnecessary hindrance to this growth, costing the company in additional wiring, master clocks, or repeaters. However, with an IP clock system, an expansion requires significantly less wiring than most other systems. Complicated wiring, master clocks, and repeaters are unnecessary, as individual clocks in an IP clock system receive their time input from an NTP (Network Time Protocol) server that is able to extend to any building on a company’s campus.

In addition, an IP clock system in a corporate setting can help improve workers’ productivity by helping to stave off wasted time due to discrepancies between office clocks. In large companies, synchronized IP clocks can help eliminate the difficulty of tracking employee’s arrival, departure, and break times. The punch-in clock can be synchronized with the wall clocks, and the clock in the lunch room will keep employees from accidentally extending or detracting from their breaks. An IP clock system also ensures that everyone will end up in the meeting at the same time, instead of trailing in ten minutes late and causing a disturbance.

Speaking of meetings, these can be a big time-waster for some companies, as even the most well-planned meeting can get sidetracked with off-topic conversation, disagreements, or other diversions. Fortunately, Sapling IP clocks come with the option of a timer feature, which allows for either a countdown or elapsed time display. If the meeting is scheduled to go for a half hour, simply set the count-down timer (either remotely through the IP computer software or at the clock itself via a control panel) for 30 minutes, to help keep everyone’s mind on maximizing time, and staying focused and task-oriented.

Now is not the time for companies to become disorganized and unproductive. By installing an IP clock system, companies will have the technology necessary to maintain operational efficiency, while promoting growth and expansion of the company. An IP clock system will keep all employees on the same schedule and will encourage them to take ownership of their punch-in/out and break times. Additionally, an IP clock system will keep everyone focused on the task at hand.