Clock Mountings – Achieving Maximum Visibility

When choosing a synchronized clock system for your facility, there are many options and features that need to be sifted through in order to customize your system exactly the way you need it. One decision that a facility manager needs to make in regards to a synchronized clock system is how to mount the clocks. This is a particularly important decision since you want the time to be easily visible to all those who enter your facility. They type of mounting you choose can depend on a number of factors, including what type of industry your organization is in, how the traffic flows through your facility and even the specific purpose of a room.

Single Mount

Single mount housing consists of one clock, either analog or digital, and hanging it on a wall. Simply mounting the clock to a wall is called Surface or Wall Mount. It’s a very easy way to mount a clock to a wall. The single mount application would be ideal for a variety of settings, including classrooms, patient rooms in hospitals, an office setting and many more.

With the single mount housing, you can also protect the clocks, both analog and digital, by purchasing a wire guard. This accessory protects the clocks in potentially harsh environment such as gymnasiums.

Double Mount

Double mount housing consists of two clocks, digital or analog, which can be mounted from either the ceiling or the wall. This application is typically ideal for hallways, in a wide array of industries because it gives maximum visibility from either side. For example, the addition of double mount housing can benefit transportation industry, especially in airports when arriving to your gate on time is absolutely essential.

These are just two of the mounting options Sapling offers for our synchronized clock systems. Stay tuned to our blog for some additional options!