Art is Timeless – Personalizing Clocks

For fifty years, Laguna Beach, California, has held three well-known art festivals: Festival of Arts, Sawdust Art Festival, and Laguna Art-A-Fair. While these art shows initially began as one festival, disagreements led to separation. This year, fifty artists from the three shows united to create fifty clocks stationed all around the city, initiating the first joint art project since the split. The clocks are personally crafted and designed by the artists, each with a unique face and hands. Some of the clocks are placed in hotels, restaurants, and galleries that reflect the essence of the facility. For example, artist Lindy Chastain designed a clock made of sea glass and titled it “At the Beach.” That clock is at a beachside restaurant. Leonard J. Duarte placed his clock in Driftwood Kitchen restaurant. Titled “From the Center of Time,” Duarte used a slice of tree as the face, contrasting two dark wooden hands.


Sapling Analog Clocks are also very easy to customize and make one’s own. Custom hands, dial faces, logos, and cases drastically change how a clock looks in a room. A modern looking office with elephant gray walls and light blue furniture might want an analog clock with a light blue case and gray numbers on the clock face. An office with white walls and bland furniture might be interested in an analog clock with a brilliantly bright face, bringing color and personality to the room. Our brushed aluminum and wooden cases are professional and modern, with the wooden cases bringing a sense of peace with them, perfect for any waiting room or office. The options are endless when working with Sapling.


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