Any ‘Glee’ fans out there?

If you haven’t heard of the television show Glee, this show focuses on a group of high school students who attend the William McKinley High School and are a part of the school’s Glee Club. Season 5, which is set to begin September 26th, focuses around a new director of the club who hopes to restore the singing group to its former glory.

While the show concentrates primarily on the glee club competition circuit, it also sheds light on the members of the club and they how deal with typical high school issues. Glee has been revered as one of the best musical dramas in the past decade. Proof of this is through the numerous awards which the show has collected, which include a Golden Globe for Best Television Serious- Musical or Comedy in 2010 and 2011 and a nomination for the same category in 2012.

The Glee Club started with eight members in the first season and has since expanded to around fourteen or fifteen in subsequent seasons. With all of these members on board, being on time to practice is a key ingredient to the success of the club. Glee, of course, is a fictional television series, but a synchronized time keeping system accompanied by an Elapsed Timer would be an enormous assistance to their endeavors as well as the entire student body.

An integrated, state-of-the-art, synchronized clock system can be beneficial a high school in many ways and the Sapling Company is here to help. Sapling has been specializing in such systems for two decades and has been a constant innovator in the timekeeping industry. Sapling’s synchronized time systems begin with a master clock which relays the time to the surrounding clocks, providing accurate time to all the clocks in a school. An Elapsed Timer is a device that coincides with our digital clock and can be programmed to any amount time to display a countdown, among many other options.

By displaying a countdown until the next school period, Sapling’s Elapsed Timer will help ensure no member of the Glee Club ever be late to a practice. In fact, it will help ensure that all members of any club, team, or organization have full time awareness and help prevent them being late for the next event. Punctuality is detrimental to the success of high school students in and out of the classroom. With the help of Sapling’s Elapsed Timer, there will be no discrepancies among teachers and students about how much time is left between classes and activities.

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