Advantages of an IP Clock System

IP clock systems are one of the more advanced systems available in the time solutions market. Having the ability to send power and data (PoE) over one single cable has made monumental changes in the ease of installation for technicians, while the functionality for end users has significantly increased with the ability to control each clock in the system exclusively through an individual IP address. Here at Sapling, we have taken the fundamental abilities of the IP clock system and transformed them into a more innovative and robust platform of capabilities. To explain these abilities, this blog post will cover the five advantages of Sapling’s IP Clock System that we feel sets ours apart from the average IP clock system.

Advanced Software

With every IP system from Sapling, we include, without any additional cost, a powerful PC program that allows the user to view and control every IP clock in the system. This provides the user with the ability to send countdowns, messages, or upload custom settings to any clocks selected in the program.

Custom Settings

With the many options and settings available with the IP system, Sapling provides a built-in web interface to easily create these custom settings for the IP clocks. These settings include: 12/24 mode, brightness settings, network settings, time zone offsetting, domestic and international Daylight Saving Time, and many more!

E-mail Notification

To keep users well informed on the condition of their IP clock system, Sapling has added an email alert function to their IP system. If clocks experience power failure, time changes, or connection issues of any kind, an email will be sent instantly to the user notifying them of the problem.

Multiple Servers

Sapling’s IP clock system uses NTP (Network Time Protocol) to send the time out to the clocks. To ensure the accuracy and the reliability of these NTP servers, Sapling has designed the web interface to store up to 10 different NTP server addresses. With this feature, when one NTP server is not properly transmitting the time to a clock in the system, the clock will automatically get its time from another server, keeping all clocks in the system accurate.

Energy Efficient

When using Sapling’s digital IP clocks, the user has the ability to set a dimming schedule for the display of any digital clock in the system through the web interface. This gives the user the option to reduce energy consumption from the digital clocks throughout certain parts of the day.

These various features mentioned above are what make our IP clocks the ideal choice when a potential user is searching for an innovative, easy to use and easy to install synchronized clock system. Deciding to implement an IP clock system is a great decision when looking to equip a new infrastructure or renovation project with the most up-to-date technology. However, choosing Sapling as your IP clock system provider will help you take this sentiment even farther.