6 Functions of Sapling Master Clocks To Take Advantage Of

Here at Sapling, we value our customers’ wants and needs. We understand that time is money and it shouldn’t be wasted, which is why all our products are built around that idea. We want you to have total control and flexibility over your clock system with minimal human intervention. And to help you accomplish this, we have integrated 6 key functions into our products that leave the user to focus on what matters most: making the sale, finishing those reports, and giving students the attention they deserve. Whatever the case may be, Sapling Master Clock Systems gets you the extra time you always wished you had.

The following functions are all available with the purchase of a Sapling SMA 3000 Series Master Clock with software upgrade:

1. Flexibility

Sapling Master Clocks are available for any desired system. We offer wired, wireless and IP solutions, all of which benefit from master clock capabilities. Whether your facility is looking for a system that is cost-effective, innovative, or able to interface with old infrastructure and wiring, we are sure to have a solution that will work best for you. Sapling clock systems are not limited by building size, materials or multiple building environments.

2. Precise Synchronization

NTP/SNTP The master clock will receive time from highly accurate NTP or SNTP time sources through a network connection. To ensure consistent synchronization, the master clock has a server redundancy feature, where up to 10 NTP server addresses are stored. With this feature, if one server goes down, the master clock will immediately begin receiving the time from the next NTP server on the queue.
GPS Time is received through the input of a GPS receiver. GPS satellites constantly transmit location data to infer extremely accurate time information. The receiver sends that data to the master clock for on-point synchronization.

3. Relays

To enhance the control capabilities of the master clock, the SMA3000 is equipped with programmable relays. With this feature, the clock system is capable of two things:

I) Four to eight auxiliary relays to interface with other systems; such as lighting, air-conditioning, alarms and bells.
II) Two relays for interfacing with up to two different manufacturer’s wired clock systems. This feature is great when retrofitting a new system with a building’s existing system.

4. Event Capability

The relays are also capable of being organized into multiple schedules and events. These events, for example, could be ringing bells throughout the school day, turning the lights off at the end of the day, or turning on the air conditioning before staff arrives on summer mornings.

5. Countdowns

The master clock also has the ability to send a countdown to selected digital clocks. This feature is ideal for counting down the time in between class-changes, or time remaining during standardized testing. The countdown feature can be scheduled through the master clock’s event capability as well.

6. Complete Control

The Sapling Web Interface offers complete control of your clock system from any internet or intranet location. From this centralized, web based program, the user has the ability to control all the aforementioned features of the master clock. With the ability of the web interface to be accessed outside of a facility’s network, the user can make on-the-spot changes to their master clock from any location. For example, if a school district calls for a three hour delay due to inclement weather, the principal has the ability to adjust the school’s bell schedule from home, not requiring them to travel in the bad weather.

At the end of the day, these 6 features will leave you with time to spare. How you choose to spend that time is in your control.

Sapling prides itself in developing such industry-leading technology. Our goal is to provide maximum customer satisfaction and support for all our products. For a consultation regarding your organization’s clock system needs, please contact us to inquire more information on Sapling Clock Systems. We will be more than happy to assist you with choosing the right clock system and using our master clock capabilities to their full potential.