2-Wire Digital Communication – Expanding Success

Time management is an invaluable skill for virtually any industry. Employees and management alike cannot be fully organized if they are not managing their time well. Furthermore, optimal productivity in the workplace is not possible when organization is not maximized. It all starts with the quality of the clock system within the facility. Many administrators and top-level executives disregard or are simply unaware of the importance of a high quality clock system in the workplace and face constant adversity because of it. Even the executives that are knowledgeable about the importance of a quality clock system may attest that their current respective clock system is sufficient and that spending substantial amounts of money for a new system is not feasible, especially during the current economic state. Sapling’s 2-Wire Digital Communication clock system is the product that can provide organizations with existing clock systems the best of both worlds.

Some organizations, a hospital for example, may in fact possess an adequate clock system that supplies every employee and manager with accurate, uniform and reliable time throughout the vicinity. This hospital may have been using this clock system for years without any significant problem. As the old saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Therefore, it is understandable for the administration to be reluctant to make a change. However, suppose that the hospital decides to add an additional wing onto the building. This is where administrators are vulnerable to making a faulty error. Many top executives will conclude that an entirely new clock system is unnecessary just so the expansion is covered with synchronized time. While this makes sense in theory, the potentially devastating results that can occur in a hospital for not having time-synchronization throughout the building may be a risk not worth taking. Never fear, Sapling is here to save the day.

Sapling’s 2-Wire Digital Communication clock system is emphatically beneficial for organizations that already have a clock system but need to make additions. This system comes with a converter box, which performs a wide array of tasks to ensure accuracy, and most importantly, safety throughout the building. This device prevents electrical shorting from occurring within the power outlet, it makes sure that electrical fires are averted by managing the temperature, and is essentially a liaison between the power outlets, the master clock, and the slave clocks. This allows the system to display the correct time every second with instant correction, in the unlikely event that an inaccuracy occurs. Additionally, Sapling’s 2-Wire system runs on only two wires, so installation is a piece of cake and doesn’t take long, which is especially important for organizations such as hospitals that can’t afford to waste time.

Who says wireless clocks are the only way to go? While Sapling does produce a state-of-the-art, customer-satisfying wireless clock system, the 2-Wire system works just as well and saves a bundle for organizations that already have a pleasing clock system but wish to make additions. This system is made by Sapling, so accuracy, reliability and most importantly, durability can be expected. One final note, organizations are steadily realizing the benefits that a high-quality clock system brings to the table, and they are acting accordingly at an increasing rate. Don’t be left in the dust, contact a Sapling representative! Help us help you!