SBL 3000 Series Wireless Clock

Sapling’s new SBL 3000 series is our most technologically advanced wireless digital clock line to date. Working on either Sapling’s 915-928 MHz or 2.4 GHz (International Only) frequency-hopping technology, the digital wireless clocks have the ability to receive and retransmit the time to neighboring clocks. No need to worry about interference occurring, Sapling’s patented technology allows each clock to frequency hop the transmission of the signal, enabling the clocks to receive and display the correct time, even if there is interference on a particular frequency.

The SBL 3000 series also allows you to choose specific features in order to meet your facility’s needs. Broken up into three separate series (3100, 3200 and 3300), the SBL 3000 can accomplish more than simply displaying the time. Some additional features include Elapsed Timer capabilities, programming the clocks through Sapling’s software program and the ability to interface with other systems.

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SBL 3000 Series Product Info

Standard Features

  • 915 – 928 MHz frequency-hopping technology
  • 2.4 GHz frequency range available for International use only
  • Receives and transmits the signal once a minute 
  • Each clock acts as a repeater and transmitter
  • “BELL” or “FiRE” messaging capabilities
  • Compatible with the SAL-2 Series analog clock
  • Immediate correction for time change
  • Offered in 2.5” or 4” high characters and 4 or 6 digit displays
  • 12 or 24 hour format
  • Two (2) to four (4) of programmable brightness 

Additional 3200 Features

  • Elapsed timer capabilities
  • Software program to configure clock settings

Additional 3300 Features

  • Elapsed timer capabilities
  • Software program to configure clock settings
  • Can interface with existing systems