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Not sure what type of clock system you might need? We have compiled a quick 5 minute video for you to view to give you a snapshot of all the systems that Sapling has to offer.


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Sapling’s System Guide


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What Is a Synchronized Clock System?

Not exactly sure of what the benefits of a synchronized clock system is? Watch this quick video for more information.

Sapling Master Clocks

Sapling offers a variety of master clocks for a multitude of applications. Each master clock is unique and offers you an assortment of options. Please watch our video for more information.

IP Clock System

Our IP Clock System gives you piece of mind and total control. The IP Clock System works on PoE or Power Over Ethernet and can receive its time from a (S)NTP time server, there is no need for a master clock.

Wireless Clock System

Have an old system? Or perhaps you have a new installation and you want the best technology available. Upgrade to the Sapling wireless clock system and see all the benefits.

2-Wire Digital Communication

The 2-Wire Digital Communication system is the most advanced wired system in the world. This system allows for up-to-the second correction, as well as easy installation.

TalkBack Technology Wireless System

TalkBack Technology is one of the most advanced systems available in the industry.  This wireless system allows the clocks to communicate its current status including battery life, signal strength and mechanical or display status.

Time Zone Clocks

A Sapling Time Zone Clock displays up to 7 zones (clocks), which correspond to the customer’s selected cities and/or countries. The clocks are synchronized and present accurate and uniform time to the second.

Sapling Elapsed Timers

Sapling’s Elapsed Timer is a Sapling 3200 or 3300 digital clock interfacing with an Elapsed Timer Control Panel, which enables a user to immediately change the display on the digital clock from showing time to showing a count up or a countdown. By pressing the programmable button(s) on the timer, a user can keep track of how much time has passed in any situation.

Sapling Master Clock Basic Configuration

When receiving a Sapling Master Clock, certain settings are mandatory, while others are optional. The Sapling Master Clock Configuration video guides you step-by-step through the master clock’s mandatory settings, along with common optional settings.

Sapling Master Clock Advanced Programming

Are you looking to set your Sapling Master Clock’s (optional) programmable relays to trigger third-party systems (such as a bell system in a school) at preset times? Do you need to set your master clock to send a prescheduled countdown to all digital clocks in the system? Or, would you like information for setting your master clock to send automatic email alerts? If so, the Sapling Master Clock Advanced Programming video has you covered!

Sapling Wi-Fi Synchronized Clock System

Adding a synchronized clock system has never been easier with the Sapling Wi-Fi Clock System. Combining wireless simplicity with total control, Wi-Fi clocks utilize a facility’s existing Wi-Fi infrastructure so there is no need to run wires between the clocks. Since each Wi-Fi clock can obtain the accurate time from multiple time servers (NTP) via the internet a master clock is only optional with the Wi-Fi system.