TalkBack Network Repeater

The TalkBack Network Repeater is an ideal accessory when operating in a campus or multi-building environment. As a part of Sapling’s TalkBack Wireless System, the TalkBack Network Repeater retransmits the time signal out to the secondary clocks. In addition, the TalkBack Network Repeater will relay clock diagnostic data back to the master clock, which includes battery levels, signal strength and mechanical or display issues.

The TalkBack Network Repeater receives its time from the master clock via a TCP/IP connection. Once received, the repeater transmits the time signal out to the SAT Series analog clocks and the SBT Series digital clocks. This feature allows the repeater to not have to be within the wireless range of the main transmitter in the building.

Please Note: The TalkBack Network Repeater can only be used in conjunction with the TalkBack master clock and TalkBack secondary clocks.


  • TCP/IP connection for integration with the main transmitter
  • Powerful transmission range – transmits up to 1000 meters in open space!
  • Compact, slim design makes the TalkBack Network Repeater versatile for mounting
  • Works within the 915 – 928 MHz range (2.4 GHz available for international use only) using frequency hopping technology
  • Transmits the Sapling TalkBack Wireless signal to the SAT series analog wireless clocks and the SBT series digital wireless clocks
  • Relays important secondary clock diagnostics to the master clock

TalkBack Network Repeater Product Info

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