Educational facilities face inherent issues that other facilities do not have to worry about. When every clock in every room is synchronized, students, teachers, and staff all know where they are supposed to be at exactly the right time. For teachers, this helps them properly coordinate lesson plans, staff can maintain the culture and safety of the school. For students, it is vital for their future that they learn the importance of punctuality and time management.



Bell and System Controls

Sapling’s Master Clock can control bell scheduling and a variety of other system controls such as lights, air conditioning or access control systems. This will ensure you can take advantage of a simplified way of controlling multiple systems through our intuitive web interface, as well as programming schedules for regular days, early dismissal, 2-hour delays or standardized testing.


Simplified Class Changes

Schools have multiple times throughout the day where students are on the move and on their own for a short time. Whether in between classes or heading to lunch or recess, students are still on the clock. One way to ensure your students and faculty are on the same page is by implementing the countdown feature on the Sapling digital clock system. The digital clocks have the ability to display a preconfigured countdown between classes. This feature assures that break times will be effortless and will keep everyone aware of the time constraints throughout the day.


Reducing Maintenance and Labor Costs

What if you could save hours of additional labor by not needing to manually update clocks for Daylight Saving Time or when the power goes out? Sapling’s Master Clock automatically corrects the secondary clocks when Daylight Saving Time occurs or after a power outage. Some of Sapling’s systems can receive status updates from the secondary clocks that includes information such as battery life, signal strength, and any mechanical problems so issues can be handled before the effect is noticeable.


Equipment Standardization

Many school buildings have gone through multiple renovations and additions over the years. One possible side effect of all these changes is that clocks throughout the facility are from different manufacturers. Sapling has many different clock systems to fit into a wide variety of facility settings. If replacing an entire system is not an option for your facility, some Sapling systems can be retrofit into an existing system, depending on the technology being utilized.

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