Convention Centers

Trade shows, conferences, and conventions are typically business-oriented gatherings and because of this, the expectations of the exhibitors, organizers, and attendees are high. In order to meet these expectations, the organizers must make sure that everything runs smoothly. Utilizing a synchronized clock system will greatly help achieve this goal and will be very beneficial for the convention centers to impress organizers, exhibitors and, attendees.

In large events, it’s all about timing. From the second that the doors open until the second they’re closed, there is so much going on, with many events that require the attention of all parties.

A synchronized time system can provide many benefits within a convention center, including:


Higher Efficiency

The event organizers can coordinate and manage their team more efficiently based on the same time source.

Everyone Runs on the Same Time Source

The exhibitors and attendees also work around the same accurate time source. Lectures, meetings, demonstrations and other events that are scheduled will take place on time. The synchronized clock system also keeps accurate time for larger venues where there is more than one level or in multiple buildings.

Daylight Saving Time Correction

When Daylight Saving Time is in effect, all clocks will automatically change to show the correct time. As such, there is no need to send someone to each individual clock to manually change the time.

Are you ready to meet your customer’s high expectations? Allow our team to help you by installing a synchronized time system before your next event.

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