The Sapling Company is a leader in engineering and designing advanced synchronized clock systems for a variety of industries and applications. We constantly push the boundaries of our technology and quality to offer the best systems possible. Built on a foundation of reliability, our products are engineered and manufactured in the United States at our headquarters in Pennsylvania.

Synchronized clocks will display accurate and uniform time throughout a facility and are meant to improve productivity and e­fficiency as well as reduce maintenance costs.

Sapling offers synchronized clocks based on different technologies, allowing diverse and flexible solutions to accommodate many verticals and project needs.  Sapling Clocks are available as analog, digital, or messaging clocks, and are available at different sizes, shapes, design styles, and for indoor or outdoor applications.

We may also be able to offer direct replacement clocks for existing old clock systems and/or hybrid upgraded options.

Our team will be happy to consult and recommend a solution based on your facility infrastructure and project requirements.

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Sapling Round Slim Line Options Standard Dial, Standard Hands - H

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