Newspaper Publishers

In a digital age, where time is of the essence, audiences have so many options and sources to choose from. News publishers must make sure that they’re on top of all the latest news and in complete control to better serve their customers. One major factor to consider is the time at which the printing of the newspaper must occur in order to have the newspaper ready for distribution.

When there are so many people involved in the creation of the newspaper publication, they must be coordinated. Whether it’s the writers, editors, proof readers, graphic designers, printing team or the distributors, everyone works together in an efficient manner for the same goal: to have the newspaper available in time to their customers.

A synchronized clock system installed in the newspaper publishing facility will provide many benefits, such as:


Meeting Deadlines by Having Synchronized Time

This will allow all employees to work around the same, accurate time source improving work efficiency. Each employee will know how much time is available until the deadline to submit their work and will make coordinated efforts to have it done on time.

Increase News Exposure

Having a synchronized time system reduces the chances of losing opportunities to publish important news immediately due to time error, confusion and luck of coordination between all parties involved in the process.

Daylight Saving Time Adjustment

The synchronized clock system will automatically adjust the time on all clocks when Daylight Saving Time is in effect.

Zone Clock Capabilities

Large publishers with international reporters can also benefit from synchronized zone clock systems, since they can choose the countries where their reporters are covering major news stories.

Utilizing synchronized time will help keep your newspaper facility in sync with today’s demanding marketplace.

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