Looking for a synchronized clock system for your facility?

Having a central time source for a workforce to collectively operate on is a vital contributor to an organization’s efficiency and productivity.

A synchronized clock system provides many benefits, such as:


Promotes Efficiency and Productivity

With an entire business working around a single, uniform time source, productivity and efficiency will increase. No more questions about time or scheduling. Everyone will always be on the same page, no matter what your industry is.

Automatic Synchronization After a Power Outage

Having a Sapling synchronized time system means that, should your power go out for any reason, when it returns your clocks will automatically adjust to the correct time. No more climbing on ladders in every room to adjust each individual clock. You set it and forget it!

Daylight Saving Time Adjustment

The synchronized clock system will automatically adjust the time on all clocks when Daylight Saving Time is in effect. Never worry about being too far ahead or falling behind, Sapling Synchronized Clocks will do it for you!

Zone Clock Capabilities

Large companies with international branches can also benefit from synchronized zone clock systems. The user can choose the countries where their branches are to show each location’s local time to facilitate coordination and communication.

Utilizing synchronized time will help keep your business in sync with today’s demands.

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