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Sapling’s 2-Wire Digital Communication System is one of the most advanced wired systems in the industry. Along with the master clock, Sapling’s 2-Wire System also includes converter boxes that distributes power and accurate time data to the secondary clocks in the system. The same two electrical wires that are used to power the clock will also provide the time signal. The clocks are connected in parallel (not daisy chained) so if one clock fails, all other clocks in the system will not be affected and will function normally.

One converter box can power many secondary clocks, however, this will be determined by the type and size of the clock – analog or digital, the wire gauge (thickness of the electrical wire) used for installation and the distance between the converter box and the last clock in the run. All of the above mentioned variables will determine how many secondary clocks can be powered by one converter box.

In order to assist the installer in calculating the amount of converter boxes for a project, Sapling has created a Converter Box Calculator. This calculator is an Excel file and by filling in all the necessary information, the installer will be able to determine how many converter boxes will be needed for the project.

Click on the button below to download Sapling’s Converter Box Calculator. Also listed is an instructional guide on how to use the Converter Box Calculator.

*Please Note: Although Sapling’s 2-Wire System is capable of working on different cables, currents and voltages, any federal, state and local codes if different, relevant and applicable superseded Sapling’s recommendations and must be followed.

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