Aviation Applications for Time Zone Clocks

In many scenarios time can be critical, while in others both time and time coordination are critical. This is the case when we talk about today’s global world with thousands of airplanes in the air at each given second!

The workload of some air traffic controllers shifts from intense to extremely intense. How do we maintain aviation safety in good record while the skies are congested with so many aircrafts? This is only done by having all parties working on an accurate time base to allow the flight controller to allocate flight plans, clearances, and get airplanes to land at busy airports with perfect timing.

Why is accurate time important?

Controlling many airplanes is challenging because they fly fast and may cross many time zones in one flight. This is why both air traffic controllers and pilots all refer to UTC – Coordinated Universal Time. It becomes more complex when you have different time zones in the same country such as in Australia. This is when the Sapling Time Zone Clock becomes an asset to air traffic controllers as they can view different time zones, including UTC, at a glance.

The Sapling Time Zone Clock is set to receive accurate time data, so all clocks are synchronized together. In addition, each clock can display a different time zone, this way the time of each pre-selected zone can be viewed. This allows better and safer coordination between the air traffic controllers that are located in different geographical locations when handing off airplanes from one control center to another.

What Time Zone Clock options are available?

The Sapling Time Zone Clock is available with 3 to 7 clocks, each representing a different time zone. The zone clock is available in different types, sizes and design styles such as: analog, digital, round, square, and many other options to choose from.

Professional Time Zone Clocks are used for many applications and in many industries. The use of them in the aviation industry is only one example, but the sky is the limit!

Let the Sapling Time Zone Clock be at your service and aid you and your team in the next time critical mission!

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