Sapling Premium Large Clocks



Sapling offers different types of synchronized clock systems with many styles, shapes, and design options to choose from. Sapling Large Clocks are our Premium Line, which incorporates high end technology, feature-rich settings, and an elegant design, all wrapped in durable casing engineered to last for many years.

Sapling Premium Clocks are offered for indoor applications or as large outdoor clocks. The SLD Digital clocks are offered with super-high brightness LED displays. All clocks have five adjustable brightness levels and a built-in auto-brightness sensor for great visibility under different ambient light conditions. Sapling large outdoor clock models are IP 66 rated.

Sapling Premium Large Clocks Features

  • Offered with 6.0”, 9.0”, or 12.0” digits
  • Available with 4 (00:00) or 6 (00:00:00) digits
  • Large sizes suitable for common areas or outdoor applications
  • Large Indoor Clocks or IP 66 rated Large Outdoor Clocks
  • Various time signal synchronization options
  • Remote user-friendly wireless setup & control
  • Built-in web-interface
  • 6 Digit Digital Clocks can alternate between time & date
  • Robust and stylish casing
  • Various powering options: 24 Volt or 110-230 VAC, PoE (for limited digital clock models)
  • Adjustable brightness levels including a built-in auto-brightness sensor
  • Available in Single Mount, Flag Mount, or Dual Faced Mounting options
  • Different display colors for digital clocks
  • Digital clocks can interface with a temperature sensor accessory or with an elapsed timer control panel


Sapling Premium Large Clocks Product Info 

Housing Specs
Housing Specs
Housing Specs


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