SAE Series

The SAE Series analog clock provides the consumer with Sapling’s quality independent electric analog clocks, while still maintaining the time-tested technology that we’re recognized for. This series features a low profile, smooth surface metal case which is offered in a range of custom colors. SAE clocks have a six (6) foot cord with a two (2) prong plug for use in any accessible power outlet making it versatile for mounting in almost any scenario.

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SAE Series Product Info

Clock Features:

  • Proven time-keeping accuracy and reliability
  • Hour, minute and second hands
  • Custom colors and plating available
  • Works with any standard wall outlet
  • Available in 12” or 16” round case
  • Smooth surface metal case (optional ABS plastic cases are available)
  • A wide variety of dial designs
  • Shatterproof, side molded polycarbonate crystal (optional polystyrene plastic crystals are available)